Thursday, June 14, 2018

Lamb with beans


1 pound of fat lamb,
1 pound white beans,
2 onions,
2 ounces of butter,
ground black pepper,

Pour cold water over the washed beans for the night. Then boil.

Cut the lamb in portions, salt, sprinkle with pepper and fry.

Put in a saucepan, add water, fried onions and cook until ready. Then add salt and boil for another 5 minutes.

Old Ukrainian vareniki


1 1/2 pounds boiled heart,
1 pound boiled lung,
1/4 pound of boiled porcini mushroom,
3 ounces of salo,
2 onions,
1 1/2 ounces of butter,
3 3/4 cups flour,
5 eggs,
4 tablespoons cream,
1/3 cup water.

Combine the flour, eggs, water, knead the dough and let stand for 3 hours.

Cut the salo into small pieces.

Chop the lung, heart, mushrooms, onions and mix with salo, pepper and cream. Salt and mix again.

Roll out the dough, cut into circles, put stuffing on top and make vareniki.

Salt the water, bring to a boil, dip vareniki into a saucepan in the and cook until done.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Okroshka with kvass

okroshka in a plate


1 pound boiled meat,
5 fresh cucumbers,
2 quarts of kvass,
5 boiled eggs,
1/2 lb sour cream,
1 tablespoon grated horseradish root,
1 tablespoon mustard,
greens onions and dill,
ground black pepper,
sugar, salt.


Cut meat, cucumber and egg whites cut into small cubes.

Mash the yolks with mustard and sour cream.

Grind greens onions and dill.

Put all the prepared ingredients in a saucepan, pour cold kvass, add salt, sugar, pepper, grated horseradish and mix.

For a better taste, let stand in the refrigerator for several hours.