Monday, July 23, 2018

Chicken soup with kletski (dumplings)


1/2 gallon of chicken broth
10 ounces of boiled chicken meat,
1/2 cup flour,
1/2 cup water,
3 tablespoons of vegetable oil,
3 eggs,
greens of dill and parsley,
red ground pepper.


add the oil and salt into the boiling water, then gradually pour the flour into the pan. Cook until the mass is curled into a ball, and then remove from heat, cool and mix with two whipped eggs.

Divide the dough into two parts. Add chopped fresh greens in one part and red ground pepper in another part. Grind the meat in a meat grinder, add the beaten egg and add to the broth.

Put the pieces of dough into a boiling broth and cook until the kletski come up.

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